Salty’s on Alki

This past Saturday, my high school had our prom at Salty’s Restaurant on Alki. Included in this was a Senior class dinner at the restaurant. So, I thought it would be fun to assess this meal as a sort of bonus review. Enjoy!


The Looks:

Located right on Alki beach across Elliot Bay from Downtown Seattle, the view at Salty’s is beautiful. The dining room directly leads to an outer balcony area where all the tall buildings and bright lights of Seattle are on full display. I was lucky enough to be sitting at the table in the dining room closest to this balcony, where this delightful spectacle was even visible from my seat. In terms of the inside, Salty’s fully embraces its beach location in a very maritime theme. Nets and ship’s wheels appear frequently throughout the place from the entrance to the bathroom. But, Salty’s still manages to walk the fine line between fun and classy, with royal red chairs and smooth white architecture. Overall, this was a wonderful venue and I feel very grateful and fortunate to have enjoyed my Senior prom here.


Caesar Salad:

The food at Salty’s matches the classic theme of the restaurant’s appearance, with a classic caesar salad brought out as an appetizer to all seniors. There is nothing special about this salad. It meets all the criteria one looks for when ordering a caesar salad: fresh, salty, creamy, a little bit of sweet and overall tasty — there’s a reason why this quintessential dish has remained virtually unchanged over so many years in American cuisine. I wish the salad was a little less sweet and a little more tangy, but this is more of a personal preference than an actual critique.

The Steak:

For the main course, we were all given the choice of steak, salmon, or a vegan/vegetarian option, in which I promptly chose the carnivorous option. Before even diving in, the steak was a work of art, sitting delicately over mashed potatoes, green beans, and some sort of slaw. Again, very classy with nothing too out of the ordinary, as it should be. But when I open up the steak for the all-important cross section, I’m disappointed to see my steak is cooked at a medium well, slightly overdone from the medium rare I ordered it as. This is understandable given the 50+ steaks in which they had to prepare that night, but for me it really took away from what was otherwise a very delicious dish. There are also a little too many peppercorns dressed over the steak for my liking, but beyond this the vegetables pair really well with the meat. The creaminess of the mashed potatoes and slight crunch from the green beans complement the tender meaty flavor of the steak very nicely. I enjoy the dish a lot and nearly finish it all, but nevertheless I’m left staring enviously at my friend Wilson’s steak across the table, which is cooked at a perfect medium rare.



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