About Me

With a Taiwanese mother and Greek father, I feel that it was inevitable that I grew up in a food-loving family. My parents would take my little brother and I to all different kinds of restaurants, teaching us to ditch the kid’s menu from a very early age. It was through my parents that I developed my own love and fascination for food. To this day, I cherish trying new restaurants and cuisines with them and I believe this is one of the elemental ways in which we bond as a family.

So, when I was given the opportunity to organize my own “Launchpad” project experience for the last two weeks of my high school Senior year, my first instinct was to try and find a way to make food a part of it. I had always wondered what it would be like to review restaurants for a living. The first step was to find a mentor to oversee our launchpad. I remembered once overhearing that my Aunt had a friend who worked as a food critic for the Seattle Weekly newspaper. I was told that this friend had moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, but my Aunt passed her email along to me and welcomed me to reach out to her for a connection. This friend, Hanna Raskin, now writing for the Post & Courier, referred me to Nancy Leson, a former Seattle Times food critic, who was kind enough to agree to be my mentor.

I cannot thank Nancy enough for making this experience possible and helping educate and guide me through the work of a food critic.

In this blog you will be able to track my journey as I do my best to review restaurants all around the Seattle area. Thanks and please enjoy!

Teddy Kolios


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